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Author: Kalisa Moore

Kalisa Moore

Kalisa Moore is the Chief Execution Officer at The Frontier and Editor-in-Chief at The Frontier Hub. She invests her time in the contextual deliverables, the big picture, and the strategy for The Frontier, The Frontier Conference, and The Frontier Hub.

The Frontier Hub Launches Interview Series With 1st Interview: DC Palter, Angel Investor and Lead Mentor at Chemical Angel Network

The Frontier community is extensive and offers insights from thought leaders and innovators across all industry sectors. With the launch of our new, The Frontier Hub Interview Series, I talk with the experts and disruptors…

Introducing The Frontier Hub

What an exciting day! Today, we embark on a new endeavor that, we believe, will bring immense value to the industrial innovation community. We are proud to introduce The Frontier Hub, a partnership between The Frontier and Technology Media…