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Author: Juhi Fadia

Juhi Fadia

Hello, I am Juhi! I hail from Ahmedabad, a heritage city in India. Writing is my passion. I am experienced in the field of Information Technology, including software, hardware, cloud, applications, real-time communications, the Internet of Things, and more. I offer research, writing, and editing services. I graduated with an Instrumentation and Control Engineer degree, but my fascination with writing pushed me to pursue journalism and marketing as my career. Covering various domains and writing about global innovation, entrepreneurship, and growth trends constantly inspire me. I have traveled abroad and have covered several industry events, and have had the honor to work with leaders and their teams to help tell their stories. Besides writing, I am a very socio-friendly person and love hanging out with friends and meeting new people. I love everything about food and yet manage to stay fit. Yoga has been my supreme interest, which makes me physically and mentally stronger.

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