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Author: Hank Torbert

Hank Torbert

Innovative leader with over 20 years of experience developing and executing cross functional strategies to maximize revenue growth, expand EBITDA and increase shareholder value. Skilled at pulling the levers of finance, strategy, innovation and operations. Resourceful problem solver with a proven track record building and expanding early-stage to billion-dollar companies in the utilities, energy, manufacturing, technology, transportation and financial services sectors. Specialties: corporate strategy, business development, operations management, corporate divestitures and restructuring, investment selection and analysis, due diligence and financial engineering

Understanding the Infrastructure Bill: How Manufacturing Companies Can Benefit by Transforming Federally Distributed Capital Into Industrial Innovation

The infrastructure bill is massive, and the interdependencies within it are important to grasp and optimize. For example, access to high-speed broadband, both fiber and 5G wireless, impacts nearly every other category of earmarked investments.…

We Can Cross That Bridge, Now That We’ve Come to It

After years of Washington gridlock and inaction on the urgent need to upgrade America’s infrastructure, yesterday, the 2021 bipartisan Infrastructure Bill was signed into law. There is not a single industry that will not benefit,…

Signs of a Better World: Innovation, Acceleration and Value Creation

Today starts a new chapter for The Frontier, building on years of successful Frontier Conferences since 2017. Through the years, we have brought together thousands of thought leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, executives, visionaries, and investors to cross-pollinate ideas,…