Unified Office Announces Alexa-Based AI Notifications for the Enterprise

According to a recent release, Unified Office, a managed services provider (MSP), has created an Alexa-powered AI Notifications solution that integrates the voice assistant capabilities of Alexa and links it to the company’s business communications, AI and IoT for enterprise companies.

“The convenience of receiving Alexa notifications beyond receiving packages and smart home integrations has now been integrated into our Total Connect Now premium AI-based notifications product platform,” said Ray Pasquale, Founder & CEO, Unified Office.  “This offering now provides for the timely delivery of mission critical notifications via Alexa-based products creating increased visibility and convenience for our customers, allowing them to react quicker to serious issues that might impact their business.”

In the release, the company said its hotel customers, for example, can ask how many people are checking in or checking out on a given day, ordering room service, or checking out early, and Alexa will build reports and display that information on any Alexa-powered device. For restaurant customers it can report trends in turnover, popular orders, and reservations using Unified Office’s analytics engine and the location’s historical data. It can also predict when refrigeration equipment might fail and need maintenance or issue alerts if a walk-in cooler door has been left open too long.

The solution reportedly uses the latest in linear regression techniques, predictive analytics and AI to help managers track almost anything in their operational infrastructure via voice commands.

“Voice is as important and relevant as ever,” Pasquale said. “This technology is yet another example of the power that voice assisted technology can bring to business. We designed this in response to the ever-increasing demands on small business owners and operators. We were already providing these services via our IoT and text messaging offerings and are now extending it through Alexa powered devices.”

Ken Briodagh

Ken Briodagh is Executive Editor of The Frontier Hub. He loves all forms of storytelling, from IoT technology to live events to content marketing strategy that creates brand loyal fans. Ken has been leading industries and brands through story for more than a decade, creating millions in value and growth. He's also founder and Chief Storyteller at Briodagh Consulting, a poet, pretend potentate, & partial alliterist. He lives in Connecticut with his family, two cats, a turtle, and a dog.

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