The Aurora Forge Is Launched by Industry Experts to Grow Seed-Stage Startups With Innovations To Help Solve the World’s Biggest Problems

With the exceeding emergence of innovators pioneering new solutions to influence world markets significantly, the creation and introduction of various disruptive technologies have caused constant advancement and fluctuations within multiple industries and markets. As these innovations impact the decision-making of businesses and governments, the importance of advisors, services, and general support for entrepreneurs has never been more integral to accelerating business growth, advancing customer acquisition, and generating revenue.

Recently launched, The Aurora Forge utilizes a substantive base of knowledge that incorporates the experience of its members to prescribe to entrepreneurs a plethora of effective support measures. Founded by a variety of veteran entrepreneurs, engineers, policymakers, and healthcare industry leaders, The Aurora Forge offers to grow seed-stage startups by prescribing a multitude of employable and valuable tactics, including direct funding, shared operations services, and expert coaching.

Founded by Ricky Caplin, Dr. Newton Howard, and Ross Mason, The Aurora Forge provides meaningful advice to entrepreneurs and innovators as they begin to pursue their respective ventures with support from trusted advisors and mentors across HealthTech and GovTech who have been associated with multiple successful exits and played a part in seeding and growing influential companies around the world.

“We want to solve the world’s biggest problems by helping great scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs lead translational impact via technological breakthroughs into the marketplace,” said Howard, Professor of Computational Neurology and Functional Neurosurgery at the University of Oxford; Professor of Brain Sciences at Georgetown University; former director of the Mind Machine Project; a resident scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology; and Chairman of the Center for Advanced Defense Studies.

Caplin, tech founder and Chairman of Caplin Family Offices, stated, “Our goal is to make a transformative impact by developing and harnessing leading-edge technologies to create profitable companies poised to provide novel solutions.” He continued, “Through The Aurora Forge, we seek to empower the next generation of brilliant minds with the tools and expert support needed for disruptive advancements.”

The company’s founders are also heavily invested in leveraging a significant portion of their revenue to generate social capital to help care for people, designing an ecosystem where success creates a better environment for communities.

“The Aurora Forge team is very excited about investing in innovative, impactful, and transformational businesses,” said Mason, CEO of The Aurora Forge, founder of the High Impact Network of Responsible Innovators, a venture philanthropy he created in Silicon Valley in 2004. “The three Founders are committed to donating the majority of our profits to charity. As Founders, we strive to make the world a better place by building great companies and donating to charity.”

With over a dozen advisors, The Aurora Forge offers startups a distinct and valuable service by providing them with practical analysis and a foundation of knowledge to utilize. These industry veterans possess thorough and deep understandings of trends within the market, and by leveraging this expertise, companies can avoid common pitfalls while navigating their respective sectors. This will further allow them to grow extensively by investing in a variety of innovative and disruptive technologies currently at the forefront of their industries.

See The Aurora Forge press release here.

Reece Loftus

Reece Loftus is an A grade English and Mathematics student who has completed his A-levels in History, Business Studies, and Psychology in the London metro area. Currently studying towards his Bachelor's degree in History and Business Law whilst also working as a special correspondent for TMC. He is covering customer experience, the Internet of Things, smart cities, cybersecurity, and more. He enjoys playing and engaging with football. His hobbies include reading, traveling, and experiencing other cultures.

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