Qualcomm To Bring Immersive, Connected, 360 Experiences to Times Square With Advanced Innovation

Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. today revealed its vision for revolutionizing visitor experiences in New York’s Time Square as the epicenter of a brand-new smart entertainment, hospitality, and retail experience, working with commercial real estate developer L&L Holding Company.

Qualcomm Technologies will orchestrate the project, bringing together its ecosystem of Qualcomm Smart City Accelerator Program members, including support from product and solution providers Zyter and Veea, to light up Times Square even brighter with a breakthrough experience and modern take on one of the most iconic and recognizable locations in the world.

Plans for the TSX Broadway development include multiple IoT as a Service (IoTaaS) implementations through the Qualcomm IoT Services Suite, exploring a fusion of senses from visual, sound, physical, virtual, and augmented realities and much more.

The initiative also opens unparalleled opportunities for businesses to captivate and engage with a vibrant audience of global visitors numbering around 134 million per year. Qualcomm Technologies and L&L Holding Company are exploring the following IoTaaS implementations and use cases:

IoTaaS Implementations:

  • Smart venues, smart retail spaces, and a smart hotel.
  • State-of-the-art connectivity infrastructure with 5G and WiFi 6 networks powered by Qualcomm Technologies.
  • Digitized and immersive indoor and outdoor experiences anchored on 5G.
  • Central control and command center with an experience management system.

Ground-breaking Use Cases:

  • Transforming visitor experiences with premium content engagement, live streaming 4K video, and real-time multimedia sharing delivered through ubiquitous 5G connectivity.
  • Enabling interactive AR with immersive content for site tours, entertainment, dining, retail, and much more.
  • Hosting multiplayer VR and digital gaming with live audience participation.

“We are looking forward to working with Qualcomm Technologies to deliver an extraordinary digital experience at TSX Broadway,” said David Levinson, chairman, and chief executive officer, L&L Holding Company. “Bringing the full spectrum of smart technology to our building and Times Square will allow us to celebrate the neighborhood’s iconic entertainment history while unleashing a new era of innovation.”

“Qualcomm Technologies is pleased to work with L&L Holding Company on plans to revolutionize Times Square with a brand new digitally transformed experience with our leading IoT solutions. This project will set the stage for the future of modernized retail and entertainment experiences, showcasing how technology can act as a catalyst in delivering enhanced and seamless experiences which are critical in the evolving digital economy,” said Sanjeet Pandit, senior director and global head of Smart Cities, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

“We are thrilled to be a contributor to one of the most visionary digitally transformed experiences of a celebrated venue with a hyperconverged network solution spanning Wi-Fi 6, IoT, edge computing with machine learning and AI, and one of the largest 5G private networks planned to date,” said Allen Salmasi, chairman and chief executive officer, Veea Inc. “Veea’s hybrid edge-cloud platform, built on Qualcomm Technologies’ edge solutions, is uniquely suited to provide support for the automation and monitoring of smart spaces and building management functions, edge intelligence, AR and gamification of immersive experiences with targeted advertising, and more.”

Qualcomm described TSX Broadway as a ground-breaking immersive building experience in the heart of Times Square, “presenting a premium platform for the world’s most imaginative and innovative tenants. The digitally transformed implementations bring the potential for numerous entertainment, performance, and interactive experiences in one of the world’s most famous visitor locations while offering a compelling on-site experience for visitors, with the ability to easily engage and share their experiences across social platforms to capture memories that last a lifetime.”

The STSX implementation is estimated to be unveiled at the end of 2022.

Arti Loftus

Arti Loftus is an experienced Information Technology specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the research, writing, and editing industry with many published articles under her belt. She is passionate about digital art, and concept art in particular. She has a love for all things fiction and fantasy ranging from TV shows to video games and spends a large amount of time drawing using nothing but her imagination. Arti has a BTEC ND in Computing and also a degree in Computing - Multimedia from the University of Hertfordshire. She lives in Hertfordshire, UK with her husband, teenage son and her cat named Khaleesi.

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