Ken Briodagh Joins The Frontier Hub as Executive Editor

Hello, Industrial Innovators, Entrepreneurs, Thought-Leaders, and Faithful Readers! Welcome to The Frontier Hub.

I hope your 2023 is shaping up to be as exciting as it is for us at The Frontier Hub. We have big plans, and I want to fill you in on some of them right now.

Ken Briodagh
Ken Briodagh

First things first, though: who am I? Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Ken Briodagh, the new Executive Editor here at The Frontier Hub. I’ve been writing about technology in the industrial innovation space for more than a decade and I’ve helmed several publications over that time, so I’m pretty passionate about intelligent systems, efficiency through technology, and the idea that sharing ideas helps every business in the industrial space grow and scale faster and leaner. I’m dedicated to the growth of smart and connected technology and I’ve spent my career connecting and informing professionals like you in these industries.

Personally, I love all forms of storytelling, from the written word to multimedia production and live events. I’m a poet, pretend potentate, & partial alliterist, and I live in Connecticut with my family, two cats, a turtle, and a dog.

We have many plans for growing and improving The Frontier Hub to better serve you, our community of partners and readers, and we want to give you a look at what’s coming.

First, we want to invite you to make your voices heard. We want you to write about your thoughts and observations about new technologies and best practices in innovation and strategy, especially in the industrial, manufacturing and supply chain spheres. Reach out to us with your pitch, and we’ll be here to help and publish.

We are going to be launching multimedia content offerings, especially podcasting and video content. If you’re excited about those ideas, I hope you’ll let us know, either by sending us feedback, or just becoming a subscriber once those channels launch.

We’re also hoping we can help you grow your business with several marketing avenues, including advertising to our thousands of monthly readers here on the The Frontier Hub, through sponsoring our multimedia content, and, most impactfully, contracting with us for custom content like white papers, web content and many other avenues.

We’ve been partnered with key industry influencers at TMC, Inc for our entire run, and that partnership helps us enhance what we can bring to you, so we’ll keep working with them to bring you the best offerings in the business.

Coming up right away, I’m going to be traveling to several events this year. In February, you can meet with me at Distributech in San Diego, if you’re going to be there, or at ITExpo and IoT Evolution Expo in Ft. Lauderdale. Check those excellent events out – we recommend them highly.

As a final note, we’re incredibly excited to make The Frontier Hub the premier avenue for you to speak through us to your colleagues and collaborators in Industrial Innovation. We want to help your businesses grow, while we grow through our effort and all your help.

Let’s get started.

Ken Briodagh

Ken Briodagh is Executive Editor of The Frontier Hub. He loves all forms of storytelling, from IoT technology to live events to content marketing strategy that creates brand loyal fans. Ken has been leading industries and brands through story for more than a decade, creating millions in value and growth. He's also founder and Chief Storyteller at Briodagh Consulting, a poet, pretend potentate, & partial alliterist. He lives in Connecticut with his family, two cats, a turtle, and a dog.

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