ClearBlade Releases New Version of IoT Software, Dubbed Lion Nebula

In a recent announcement, ClearBlade, a company leading the Internet of Things marketplace in universal software platform solutions, released the details of the now-available Lion Nebula Release of its IoT software. 

ClearBlade has always set itself the task of creating an universally applicable, flexible and secure IoT platform. The company’s software is in use today in many major enterprise IoT systems from on-premise to edge to cloud. 

The platform is designed to deploy quickly, be compatible everywhere and lead from the Intelligent Edge, while putting security first at every level. This new update reportedly will enhance or improve upon the software’s power to meet all those goals. 

Details of the release updates by product are listed below.


JWT time skew support: To ensure JWT tokens are valid, ClearBlade said it will now enforce a ten minute bidirectional time skew. This is designed to make sure that any compromised tokens are quickly made invalid and communication between device and cloud is protected.

Enhanced PubSub performance: New native-level integrations for Google PubSub communication will allow for large-scale registries to run in highly performant modes, according to the release. This feature, available to IoT enterprise customers, is set to result in cloud cost savings when compared to data volume-based pricings.

Monitoring and Logging integrations: Newly built-in logging tools for Google Cloud Monitoring and Logging for seamless IoT Core migrations. This change will reduce IoT solution management complexity and enable monitoring of underlying IoT Core infrastructure with native cloud tools, ClearBlade said.

Marketplace improvements: The release continues ongoing improvements to make marketplace interactions more transparent and easier for end users to connect billing and monitoring. Also, they now allow for many developers to work within shared registries while all are billed to a common account.


MySQL and MariaDB support: Improvements in the MySQL and MariaDB external database connector are designed to allow for the latest supported driver features and TLS encrypted communication. 

MongoDB Atlas driver update: Replacement of the current MongoDB Atlas driver with the latest release to enable connectivity to the latest MongoDB releases, making for increased performance and connection speeds.


Azure Active Directory Sign-on: ClearBlade has also made it easier to manage users who access Intelligent Assets with direct integration to Azure Active Directory. Microsoft Enterprise grade director access can now control who has access to view and edit field IoT assets.

Ken Briodagh

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